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Welcome To Serendipity Koinonia Kafe
Serendipity is the facility of making happy chance discoveries
Koinonia is the Greek word for in-depth spiritual community. It is what happened in the Upper-Room when a bunch of broken people (walking wounded) got together, cared for each other and discovered a whole new power in their lives.
This weeks Bible Study
Read Philippians 4:1-23

SITUATION: Paul expressed joy and thanked the Philippians for their support. In addition to their earlier gifts, they willingly sent financial support with Epaphroditus for Paul during his imprisonment.

OBSERVATION: God knows our needs and promises to provide for them. We know if we bring our requests to him, he will give us strength to live through any difficulty.

INSPIRATION: No matter where we are, God is as close as a prayer. He is our support and strength. He will help us make our way up again from whatever depths we have fallen. We don't often consider that sometimes Jesus is our strength simply to sit still. "Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10). Our natural tendency when we have a painful happening in our lives is to go into action is to go and do something. Sometimes it is wiser to wait and just be still. The answers will come. We may be sure that God is true to his word and answers all sincere prayers offered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. His answer may be yes, or it may be no, or it may be A "Wait." If it is no or "Wait." we cannot say that God has not answered our prayer. It simply means that the answer is different from what we expected. When we pray for help in trouble, or for healing in sickness, or for deliverance in persecution, God may not give us what we ask for because that may not be His wise and loving will for us. He will answer our prayer in his own way, and He will not let us down in our hour of need --Billy Graham

APPLICATION: Are you worried or in need? Bring your requests before God. Be specific. Let God know your feelings. Praise him for his help. Share your prayer concerns with your friends who will also pray for you.

EXPLORATION: Provision-Matthew 7:11; Mark 11;22-24; 2Corinthians 9:8; 11:9. Prayer- Ephesians 6:18, 1Peter 5:7. Contentment-Psalm 23:1; Matthew 6:25-34; Timothy 6:6-8.


Philippians 4:19 And my god shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
In World War II the death of many adults left many orphans. At the close of the war, allies provided some camps to feed the orphans and to try and find a place to relocate them. The children began to develop and grow, receiving the finest food and care. But in one of the camps, the officials became perplexed because the children would not sleep. They would eat three good meals, but at night they would lie awake. The camp authorities brought in some doctors to do a study of these orphans to find out why they couldn not sleep. The doctors came up with a solution. Every night when the little children were put to bed, someone would come down the row of beds and place in each little hand a piece of bread. In a matter of days, they were all sleeping through the night. Why? Even thought they were fed to the full during the day, experience had taught them that there was no hope for tomorrow. When they had that bread tucked in their hands, they knew that at least they would have breakfast the next day.

Similarly, God has given you a piece of bread for your hand. That bread is the promise of todays verse. If you have that piece of bread in your hand, you can sleep.

You do not need to stockpile for the future. God is the owner of everything in the world, and He controls all the assets to provide for you because you are His child. Life for the Christian consists not in the abundance of things he possesses, but in the being content with the things that he has. From the writings of John MacArthur.

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